Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Cemetery Rules and Regulations




To download or print our Abbreviated Cemetery Rules and Regulations, Click Here.


Thank you for choosing our Cemetery.  It is our honor and privilege to serve you.  As the owner of the Cemetery, we are responsible for the general care of the Cemetery grounds and interment spaces.  Those who wish to be interred or entombed in the Cemetery must purchase the use of such space, otherwise known as interment or entombment rights, and abide by our rules and regulations.


Our rules and regulations were developed to preserve the beauty and dignity of the Cemetery.  This is an abbreviated copy of those rules and regulations.  A complete set is available for examination at the Cemetery office.  Should there be a conflict between this abbreviated document and the full rules, the full rules shall prevail.


All decorations must be contained within a metal or stone vase that is an integral part of the memorial, memorial bench and/or upright monument. Vases that are not part of memorials are not allowed, since they pose a safety hazard to mowing equipment and personnel.  One singular decoration may be placed on the base of benches or upright monuments, which do not have a vase, provided the decoration does not extend past the perimeter of the base and does not exceed the overall height of the bench or upright monument.  The Cemetery reserves the right to remove, without notice; anything placed on the gravesite that is not contained in a vase.  The Cemetery is not responsible for theft or damage to anything placed in the vase or on the gravesite.


At least 24 hours prior to the time of the funeral ceremony or interment/entombment, the owner of the burial right or an authorized representative must verify the location of the interment or entombment site and sign the Interment Authorization.  The owner of the burial right or the authorized representative must come to the Cemetery for this purpose.


Standard outer burial containers, interment spaces and entombment spaces will accommodate caskets up to 29” wide by 25” high by 85” long.  If the casket required is larger than those dimensions, a larger outer burial container and an additional interment space, or an oversized crypt will be required.


Embalming and a casket are required for entombment in a mausoleum.


The interment or entombment space and all associated merchandise and service fees must be paid in full before the interment or entombment will occur.  Likewise, before a memorial will be installed, the space, memorial and service fees must be paid in full as applicable, and all necessary documents must be completed.


The design of all memorialization and all private family mausoleums must be preapproved in writing by the Cemetery in accordance with specifications of acceptable memorials.  Please contact the Cemetery office for a copy of the acceptable specifications.


Where authorized by the Cemetery and accompanied by payment of the fee established by the Cemetery, interment spaces may be used double-depth to accommodate two burials.  Under no circumstances will more than two interments be made in any burial space.


Only written statements expressly authorized by Cemetery management shall be binding upon the Cemetery.  No oral representations shall be binding.


The Cemetery reserves the right to change the rules and regulations without notice.


Arbitration: The parties hereto agree that any and all disputes, claims, or controversies of any kind or character arising out of or relating to this agreement, any parties performance of this agreement or the goods and/or services provided pursuant to this agreement shall be resolved exclusively by binding arbitration before a single arbitrator and conducted in accordance with the commercial arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association and State Law.  Such Arbitration shall be held in the County of execution of this agreement, or elsewhere in the event all parties to this agreement, so consent. The parties hereto specifically waive any rights to trial of any claims by a Judge or Jury. At any time prior to the commencement of an arbitration proceeding as provided for hereinabove, the parties shall, at all times have the right to mutually agree to mediate or settle a dispute.


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To download or print our Abbreviated Cemetery Rules and Regulations, Click Here.