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Why Choose Cremation ? 

 The decision to choose cremation is a very personal one, whether you are planning your own services to ease the burden from your family or are a family member choosing cremation for a loved one. Today many families are choosing cremation as an alternative to traditional burial; research suggests a few possible reasons including:

  • Individuals are opting to retire away from home 
  • Cremation is becoming more acceptable
  • Traditional customs are becoming weaker
  • Religious restrictions are diminishing
  • Greater flexibility in memorialization

Why Choose Restland? 

Restland has been a member of the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) since 1942.. CANA is comprised of  funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematories that are upheld to a certain code of ethics respecting the deceased.

Restland is one of only a select few facilities in the Dallas Metro-Plex that performs its own cremations on the funeral home/cemetery grounds.  Families can tour the cremation facilities at Restland prior to selecting us. Restland also allows those families who choose to can witness the cremation in our beautifully appointed cremation witness room. 

Additional benefits to selecting  Restland as your cremation provider include:

  • Restland requires and maintains strict identification protocols for your loved one which includes requesting a responsible individual from the family to perform a visual identification of the deceased prior to cremation. 
  • Our refrigeration facilities are onsite to hold your loved one in our care prior to cremation.   Your loved one never leaves our care throughout the entire cremation process.
  • We use a state of the art electronic tracking system to assist with identification and process tracking.
  • Our crematory operators are trained and certified by a National recognized accreditation association and by the manufacturer of the cremation equipment to ensure proper use, and care of the deceased and cremated human remains.

Why Choose to Memorialize? 

Memorialization of the deceased has been practiced by people through the centuries.  As survivors, we care about and want to be remember those who precede us in death.   

Selecting and creating a permanent memorial for our beloved family members satisfies the need to preserve our heritage. Memorials are stepping stones to the past and to the future, they link the generations together.

Memorialization in a cemetery allows you a place to continue to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other special times that bring memories.   The memorial gives a gathering place for families that is always open, always available, that will be taken care of for generations to come.   

Restland offers an extensive selection, including glass-front niches, granite memorial benches, and boulders that have been adapted to hold cremated remains.  Click here to read more about your options .