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What We Do

The Arbors at Wildwood

Restland Funeral Home and Cemetery is proud to introduce our newest addition The Arbors at Wildwood Chapel. We are extremely excited for this new cremation garden with offerings for every one. The Arbors is scheduled to be completed Summer 2016, call now to reserve your spot.

Our Wildwood Chapel was built and dedicated as a prayer sanctuary within Sacred Grounds where those whose hearts are heavy may go to seek solace and comfort, whether whispered or silent.  Its doors are always open to all who uses it.  It is non-denominational and non-sectarian and its only Theology is love.  The whole world is its congregation…

Drawing on inspiration from the great old cemeteries across the world, The Arbors at Wildwood  reflects the heart of Wildwood – a sanctuary to all who come for solace and comfort.   Filled with flowers, pathways, arbors, the trickling music of its fountain and warmth of its fire, the Arbors at Wildwood are a resting place for memories like none other.