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What We Do

Restland Funeral Home and Cemetery wants to pay special tribute to Veterans, beginning March 1st. If you would like to submit a Veteran's story and have their permission to do so, please send us a message on Facebook. All submissions must include the veteran's story and their photo.

The Veteran of the Month will be chosen at random by our management team. All entries must be submitted before the last day of each month to be considered for the random drawing. All unselected entries will roll over to the following month. There is no need to re-submit your entries.

Veteran Honoree - Month / Year

Technical Sergeant, George F. Doran 
Nominated by: James Doran, Son
From: Dallas, TX 

Tech. Sgt. Doran served in World War II which covered a period of three years. He took his early training in Illinois, and in September, 1942, when he reached England. As operations opened in the North Africa area he was assigned to that battle front. 

In the thick of action for many months, Tech. Sgt. Doran had several thrilling experiences in his career in action.  Serving as an American Marauder bomber. Him and five other members of the crew on which he was serving as radio operator and bombardier were forced down behind the German lines near Gabes, Tunisia in November, 1942.  All six were later rescued when a companion American plane successfully landed behind the German lines and returned them to safety. 

In August 23, 1942, the Associated Press dispatch credited Tech. Sgt. Doran with shooting down a Messerschmitt as a fleet of America planes staged a highly successful raid over Salerno, important point in the Italian railroad systems. 

In September 1943, Tech. Sgt. Doran’s plane was again damaged badly by German flak requiring the crew to bail out.  The crew was found by friendly Italian farmers and hidden from the German search parties until they could be led back to allied troops.  Tech. Sgt. Doran later stated they wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for the ‘mountain people’.  It is thought, but never verified, their crew was the only full crew shot down behind enemy lines and all making it safely back. Tech. Sgt. Doran was wounded by flak and received the Purple Heart.

After the war, Tech. Sgt. Doran continued his military career, switching from the Army Air Corp to the Air Force which was established in 1947.  He remained in the Air Force as supervisor of MARS radio stations at various bases until his retirement in 1961.