Preplanning Seminar – May 1st

Many of you have expressed an interest in knowing more about final arrangements. We, at Restland Funeral Home-Cemetery- Crematory and Mausoleum offer free informational seminars as a service to our community. We do these seminars in a restaurant environment with complimentary lunch provided. This is also a great time for fellowship with your neighbors. There will be NO selling at these seminars – only shared information.

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Topics of Discussion are:
• The hundred or more questions/decisions faced when death occurs.
• The 72 decisions that MUST be made when a death occurs
• Benefits of Pre-Planning
• Veterans’ benefits – what the Government does and does not provide
• Social Security Benefits
• What to do should death occur when you are traveling
• Why you don’t want your children or heirs to make arrangements
• Why insurance should not be used for purchasing burial needs
• How to transfer your loved one out of state
• How to transfer out of state burial property to Texas
• Advanced funeral planning – Burial and cremation options

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