Memorial Day at Restland Memorial Park

The first Memorial Day program was held at Restland in 1940. On Monday, May 28, 2018, we will celebrate our 78th celebration to honor all veterans who served our country.

When this program began on that last Monday of May in 1940, we were in the midst of WWII – the war to end all wars. Although only a small number attended that first year, it was especially meaningful and provided a great deal of comfort to veterans’ families whose loved ones had paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom and protect our nation.

The program was held in the Field of Honor in 1940 and is still held in the same location today. Now the oldest designated veteran’s burial garden in the Dallas area, the Field of Honor contains graves of soldiers dating back to WWI.

As the years have passed, this annual Memorial Day event has become a powerful tribute to the memories of our fallen veterans. More than 1,500 people are expected to attend this year’s Memorial Day celebration, which offers everyone a way to honor veterans on Memorial Day.
Come out and help us support our American Heroes.

Memorial Day Program Details

This year’s program begins at 11 a.m. with a free lunch in front of the Abbey Mausoleum. Several historical groups will bring displays from past wars to create a history exhibit of uniforms, equipment and photographs from WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. In addition, Civil War cannons will be on display – and fired—reenacting the sights, sounds and smells from those ancient battlefields.

Following lunch, we will make our way to the sacred grounds of the Field of Honor to pay tribute to our veterans. Hosted by former sportscaster, Scott Murray, the hour-long program includes a story by Tanner Do, an Iraqi War veteran who served in the 325th Army Airborne Division. Do fled his native country of Vietnam with his mother when he was 11, not speaking a word of English. He quickly embraced his new country and graduated from Texas A&M University before serving in the United States Army.

The program will close with a Patriotic concert by the Vocal Majority, a 125-voice men’s chorus.

Get a complete Memorial Day schedule here.

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