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We love Our Families

We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.


What Families Are Saying

Real Stories from Real People

Greatly appreciate Kirk Taylor. Guided us through our options, focused on our needs, showed us property that worked well, confirmed prices, emailed contracts, answered questions, confirmed purchases. All pleasant and efficient help with our planning. Kirk is a pleasure with whom to work. We look forward to calling on Kirk to complete our plans.

Author: Lee Gammill rated with 5 stars

“We recently did our future planning for burial arrangements at Restland. We worked with Kirk Taylor, who was so helpful in guiding us through the decisions we could make ahead of time, sparing our family the distress of making arrangements at the time of need. He walked us through the options available and provided clear explanations and descriptions for each. Recognizing that these are big decisions, he was careful to give us space to think through our choices. We couldn't be more pleased with his guidance and patience, and we walked away with the confidence and peace of mind that with his help, we had made choices that reflected our beliefs and desires. ”

Terry &Amp; Vanita Briley June 11, 2024 5 stars

“I found the page!!! I want to acknowledge Valerie who helped me yesterday in replacing a vase for my parent's headstone. We noted it was broken a while back, but could still use it. My father died in 2009 and I visit 4-5 a year and a couple years the vase was gone. I requested a new one by phone, in person, with a person who helps funeral planning last year, but never received even a call back. I called yesterday as I sat at my parent's graves and Valerie answered. I was a bit upset and she was very, very kind and said she could request to have one and I asked if someone could bring me a temporary one for the flowers, as I have been leaving flowers in the empty hole. I could tell that wasn't a normal procedure and she said she would have Anthony bring a vase, after a very brief hold. A few minutes later I received a permanent new vase from Anthony!!! I cannot express how impressed I was with her customer service, I am just amazed since in the new world, there is not much customer service AT ALL. Please know I am so glad to have finally gotten the vase replaced for mom and dad, who bought 4 plots, I believe in the '60's, which the 2 left will be for me and my oldest son. Thank you Valerie and Anthony!!! Anne”

Anne Christy Beach May 12, 2024 5 stars

““To whom it may concern, I’d like to take a moment to let you know about an absolutely beautiful soul who works for your company. This gem of a woman, named Judy, was so patient and kind to me. I was helping my mom file paperwork for my father and realized she lost my father’s death certificate. I spoke with Judy who answered every question I had and made the whole process that once seemed overwhelming (do you it being 3 years ago) doable. She was very sincere in her words and we were able to get everything we needed to the lawyer for my father’s estate on time. Thank you so much for employing a genuine person like her.””

Tiffany April 28, 2024 5 stars

“I would just like to say that the 3 ladies in the front lobby of the main building were a pleasant surprise. Carla, Kiamesha,and Hillary greeted me with gracious smiles and a genuine concern for helping me. When people,families walk into your lobby, they're already sad and going through the pain of loss of a loved one so it's comforting to be greeted by people who understand and communicated in a professional, yet caring manner. I can't say enough good about them. personally, I believe they satr the tone for everybody's experience at you location. God Bless You ladies!”

Johnnie Christian April 25, 2024 5 stars

“We are deeply appreciative of the assistance and support provided by Krinicia Torrence. I know I was not her only client, but she made me feel as if my happiness & wishes for my mother’s final resting place was her #1 priority, right down to taking time away from her desk to meet & greet my family the day of the burial. When I inquired about the emotional toll of constantly being surrounded by grief. She replied that it gave her a sense of fulfillment to support those who are mourning and provide assistance during trying times. While some individuals simply go to work for financial compensation, Krinicia genuinely displays compassion and concern. It is her kindness that will forever remain etched in my memory. ”

Angelia “Angie” Howe March 31, 2024 5 stars

“Much heartfelt appreciation for Sandra Times and Jesse Crowe for helping our family plan a beautiful ceremony to celebrate our loved one’s life.”

Deborah Huskey February 18, 2024 5 stars

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